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Magic of Passion

Each one of us is born to a passion...naturally endowed with special skills & designed for some specific work.The burning desire for that work has been put in every heart. We call it Passion.

In a practical world, we end up doing things which pay better rather than fulfills our passion. The frustration of not giving your passion a meaningful outlet silently leads to poor committment, disengagement, psycho-somatic illnesses, stress & discordant relational behaviours.

Says Kabir ... Zal uthi Zoli jali, khapra futam-fut Jogi tha so ramee gaya, Asan rahee bhabhut...

The flames that rise within may consume bones and the body

But even after the seeker has moved on , the passion he seeks, internally keeps burning !!!

Those who work to fulfil inner passions, work with full dedication. They keep pushing boundaries of their passion & thus keep working unmindful of their economic prosperity

Duty of the Leader is to help team members identify their burning passions & deep-set potentials. Therein this search lies the real secret & magical touch of their engagement.

If a leader connects the passions of his people to the assignments they are allocated, he will have a highly engaged & a very happy work-force.

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