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Managing Transitions

Managing Transitions ...  In the field of sociology, cultural capital includes the social assets of a person (education, intellect, style of speech, style of dress, etc.) that promote social mobility in a stratified society. Bourdieu, the French Sociologist argued that social groups in Society have different access to material resources . Thus dominant social groups make their definition of culture, the most desired one though it might not necessarily be the actual culture of the group. As individuals move organisations as a part of their career mobility , they are exposed to different forms of cultural capital. Some handle it effectively without losing their authenticity. Some lose their very character that leads to success trying to fit-in and make compromises to get accepted as a member in the new culture. Most effective leaders in transition are those who retain their authenticity  but acquire enough of the behaviours of the new situation such that it enables them to operate effectively and thus achieve their purpose. 

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