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Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring has historical validity as a practice in Management. Leaders may also in certain situations need mentoring support to get over situational adversities that they may find themselves facing. Whilst leaders also need Mentirs - 'Reverse Mentoring' also works. Reverse Mentoring works particularly in an environment of wisdom, maturity and openness. A wise leader should be open to be mentored by his followers in certain situations... a wise follower likewise, knows when to assume the mentoring role to his leader with caution and soon thereafter to revert to his 'follower' role once the critical situation passes away ! Laxmana did it with Rama on many occassions in Ramayana when a distraught Rama was collapsing under his emotional burden of losing Sita. Hanumana smilarly does it wisely with the monkey king Sugriva in his battle with his strong twin brother Valli and then quickly thereafter reverts to his follower role. 

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