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Radical Acceptance

Unless you unconditionally accept the current reality, your chances to find a breakthrough is impaired. Winners are those who accept themselves as they are and acknowledge the circumstances the way they are before they chalk out their breakthrough strategies. In psychology, this is called - 'Radical Acceptance' and there are five fundamental elements to it... 👉 Acknowledge the situation as it is .. no imagination. Accept it the way you would accept a mirror reflection. 👉 nothing good or bad about it. So do not label it. Be non-judgmental 👉 Accept the reality, no projections 👉 In an act of acceptance, if we choose to tolerate the situation, then immediately distress in the moment. You can't live with both ! 👉 Accepting painful emotions rather than avoiding them. It actually alleviates suffering in the long term. Rightly says Oscar Wilde ... "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken". Be a great actor, if that is your destination. Acknowledge who you are and plan your unique way forward. But do not imitate Amitabh Bacchan ! If you want to succeed, you will first have to be yourself. Don't imitate others - for they are not who you are. 'Radical Acceptance' is page one of your change narrative ! 

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