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Power to Create Meaning for Others.

Hidden within each one of us is the Power to create meaning from the trials & tribulations we face in life and the rich experiences we gain whilst doing so. Whilst the world has so much positive and good to offer to each one of us, it is unfortunately, not a perfect world. Life isn't always only fair and just. It also has it's own fair share of wrongs and ills to offer to us. However, each one of us is also born with magical powers within us to counter balance the wrongs that we unfairly experience. That magical potion is in the form of our 'Power to create meaning for others' who face similar trials and tribulations that we faced. Say Freibergs - stop brooding and shift the focus from us to actually serving the others who may be suffering like us. Pour out that magical potion & work to do good for others. This will indeed make a difference & create a deeper sense of meaning in our lives. When you protect others from suffering things that you suffered, you counterbalance your negative and wrong experiences. Next time when your new employee complains to you that his Appraisal has not been done, do not tell him to bear it because your Boss did not do your appraisal as well ! Pour out that magic potion within you & deliver meaning 

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