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Work for a calling higher than money

They design very primal & mercenary programs but expect Collaborative & missionary committment ... that is the plight of the Corporates ! Unmindful of the larger sociological or psychological implications, organizations design their monetary incentive programs. Whilst leadership has only short-term business focus in mind, the unseen results of their actions are counter productive to their own larger organisational purpose. When confronted with this, leadership gets stunned. A Minnesota University research indicates that when participants are reminded of monetary rewards, they are three times more likely to prefer working alone than to work in natural work groups or teams . In a social setting, the mere recollection of money (induced thru a stimulus), made people position their chairs physically 12 additional inches apart. Such are the drastic unconscious responses to monetary stimulus. Says Tom Rath, get people to recognize a higher calling than cash. When people are inspired to work for their larger meaning and shared mission, they will bring about not only a positive change in their lives but also enhance their general social interactions in the group & reflect behaviours of positive work place citizenship. Be mindful dear leader 

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