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Ji Huzoor

Flattery is like an artificial sweetener -saccharine that seems great at first, but leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Someone starving for corporate acknowledgement  may eat up flattery and be a willing victim. Leadership is often a victim of flattery if the leader operates from a script of  narcissism. His Hubris is subtly fed on a diet of flattery from people around him, who ideally should have been pointing towards the right direction. But recognizing his Hubris (the Super 'I' factor), the team gauges the leader's appetite. They realise that the leader is not a willing listener. Rather, telling the truth may lead to isolation & further tacit penalties.  Thus they unleash their most powerful protective tool ... Ji Huzoor ... Ji Huzoor ... Ji Huzoor ! Be cautious, particularly in work relationships where the truth seems elusive & employees are coming on strong with a rush of compliments & promises which do not appear normal. " Boss, tusi great ho! Promise you, this organisation has never experienced a leader of your stature" Flattery is exciting but it is worst than opium. It intoxicates to make you believe upon unending repitation, the same which you may have earlier found to be exagerrated. Can lead only to the leader's nemesis ... but that is the ploy !  

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