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Art of People Management & The Science of Human Resources Management

Had an opportunity to lead a critical Master Class on the above theme. If you missed attending it, here is the You Tube link of the same for your learning curiosity.

A thin line demarcates the difference between the two ... the logic that can be distinguished more by a Surgeoons Scalpel and not a Butcher's Knife ! Listen on to learn.

The Master Class is focussed to help you understand differentiations between :

1. People and Human


2. Efficiency & Effectiveness

3. 'And' & 'Or' (blending)

4. Art & Science

5. Strategies & Programs

... and will help you therefore to lead the HR function in your Organisation as an effective full-stack blended leader.

Listen on to the video below..and hope it will help you

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1 Comment

Jul 30, 2023

Activated divine wisdom is equal to all round mgmt. Ideally

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