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Cheers !!!

This piece my Corporate friends will certainly endorse.

Several factors come in the way of a thorough, frank and free 'no-holds-barred' discussion on an issue when it is discussed in a formal set-up. Some such factors that hamper formal discussions are :

1.Time constraints

2. Inhibitions

3. Social courtesies

4. Fear of causing breakdown

5. Insufficient clarity

6. Dominating personalities

7. Fear of raising conflicts

8. Avoidance of sensitive or controversial topics

9. Groupthink & conformation leading to suppression

10. Distractions

11. Stiffness in ambience

12. Agenda overload

13. Lack of active listening

14. Power dynamics

Thus the ancient Persians found a way to break through such stiff situations . They agreed to discuss the issues in multiple forums & formats and in different states.... atleast in 2 states for sure . One, in a sombre state and another, in the 'no holds barred' - inebriated state where all the limitations and hindering factors due to stiffness of the formal ambience would be taken off and shed.

Unique and unusual as it may sound, the merits of discussing issues in a normal state as well as in its inebriated drunken state as the anti-thesis adds unique value and is in a way critical ! In a casual state of intoxication, even the roughest issues could be discussed (which in a formal situation would have been avoided due to social sensitivity) ... and also excused and passed off as being said in a lighter state of intoxication !!!

The smart Persians started a practise which the Corporate world thousands of years later has subsequently absorbed very ritualistically and O so willingly !!!

Cheers again !!!

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