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Communication - Blocked ? Bypass With a Stent !

Communication between you and others may get blocked due to several reasons. Hidden in your overall failure may be your blocked communications. Right reasons or wrong - do not let these reasons block your communications. Bust the blocks.

Let me help you identify the causes of such blocks that you could be impacted by...

Moral blocks - One party may speak but does not communicate because of the low moral values identified with that other party. Past experiences - may prompt such reactions - theirs towards you or yours towards them. There has to be an

immoral agenda hidden somewhere which one party sees and the other doesn't. can't see. . They may be thinking that of you or you of them. Check out either ways and communicate accordingly.

Emotional blocks - Broken relations, hurtful experiences, loss of confidence in the past, cause it . Why do we need listen to them ? ... Don't wish to get hurt again. They have no empathy. They are self serving only. This may be your reaction or of the others towards you which collapses the bridge of communications. Rebuild it with clear messages.

Suspicion blocks : I suspect the real purpose. Between what is being told, shown or spoken, there must be a self - benefitting agenda hidden. They will never do any good without benefitting in return. Thus I hear but will not listen to anything being told or presented by that other. They may suspect you. Or you may suspect them. Get on to the table and clarify your position or ask straight questions if you suspect them.

Fear blocks : I am scared. If I agree, I am doomed. If I disagree, I am killed. Thus I stop listening or speaking. The larger interest gets doomed. Clarify your true position to the others.

Ego blocks : who the hell is he ? I am more educated, experienced, senior - why should I listen to him/ her atall. She needs to be listening. I am the expert. If that be the cause, look within if tgat is your position. Communicate diplomatically to the other if you think so for the other .

Blocked communication are disastrous to effective working and to authentic relations. Leaders have to lead the journey to by pass or reset and assuage these blocks. Stents to by pass will help you bypass these blocks and succeed again.

Communication is key to success, but what happens when it gets blocked? Don't let these blocks hinder your communication with others. Identify the cause and design your Stents accordingly to bypass them. Leaders have to lead the journey to reset and assuage these blocks.

Bust the blocks and rebuild the bridge of communication with clear messages. Don't let blocked communication be disastrous to effective working and authentic relations. With stents you can bypass blocks and succeed again.

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