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Creating VFV - Value From Vulnerability

Vulnerability is terrifying. It takes tremendous courage to reveal one's weaknesses ... particularly to disclose the ones you know of and are sure that the others don't. Moreso when you also believe that the others who would know of it, would exploit them to create a set-back for you.

Wise discretion required to break the dilemma between 'to reveal or not to reveal' as much as it is 'to be or not to be ?'. And the doubter complicates it further by asking - why reveal at all if the others don't know ?

Vulnerability is a twin edged sword. Out of your vulnerabilities come your strength - says Freud. By allowing to be vulnerable to judgment, we can become better co- workers and exceptional leaders. People feel Connected to people who express their vulnerabilities and realise their strength .. for it indeed takes great strength to disclose ones vulnerabilities.. We can also find better opportunities, strive for higher levels of success and realize the great potential in the projects and teams that we manage when we express our vulnerabilities and seek partnerships to overcome them.

Learning through my personal experiences, People experience 6 types of vulnerabilities ... social, physical, relational, socio-emotional, economic and environmental. An individual's Vulnerability to each of these 6 depends on circumstances and their personality make-up. It thus reciprocalky also needs bespoke handling matching the individual's personality to help tide over them.

But if one were to generalise, these are the 6 steps strongly recommended as a process to effectively manage your vulnerabilities :

1. Self-Audit and know your vulnerabilities and their triggers well.

2. Be mindful when the adverse situations you face have the potential either to trigger or may have gas-lighted your vulnerabilities.

3. Understand the impact such triggering could have on the challenges you have at hand.

4. Identify from history the successful interventions you may have made in the past to draw from them and use effectively to handle your current vulnerabilities.

5. Slowly experiment with new ways and experiment with new ways.

Vulnerability is a studious strength. Don't convert it into a careless weakness.

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