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Cry When I Die?

Will you miss me when I am gone ??? Will you cry when I die ??

I lost a very dear old cousin of suspected Corona. A short funeral of 3 people. And my thoughts steered to this research I had read.

Surprisingly, only 10 % of people attending any funeral ( if they do) repent and cry. The rest are marking only their social attendance. From that 10%, only 25% walk with your body to the point where they consign you to the sky-burial ! (Busy office schedules, other critical appointments,health low, family unwell etc etc). Creativity at its peak.

And here we all live through our beautiful lives using social markers to determine our behaviours !!! How we talk, how we dress, where we go, what we do... always using social filters - what will the 'Society' say, what will people think , how will neighbours react, what will cousins say???

Who will cry when I die is my new marker, my honest feeling. Not Robin Sharma's title. I will live for myself, my purpose of life and those (who thru my deep analysis I know), will cry when I die and miss me atleast for one month after that. If the purpose of my life is larger & social, be that as it may for it is my purpose and I will do it for it brings me happiness. Not otherwise.

I will live for myself and those who will miss and cry when I die.

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Apr 20, 2021

Sir your every post points towards the behavior of society. As you rightly said only 3 to 4 % only cry when someone are busy in their life...

The society has changed a lot if we go back to our childhood in 70s ...Now hardly someone bothers for other...


Apr 20, 2021


I had just finished reading Robin Sharma’s book of a similar title, “Who will cry when you die”, which you have also alluded to in your article.

In these days of the roaring and raging pandemic, what you say makes sense, if one lives for himself, that itself is a concern expressed for the benefit of all those around us. Socialising as we knew it, lspending times with each other in groups ( tribes, if you will ) is no longer passé, they are downright condemnable and thoughtless. If we mask ourselves, practice social distancing, be prudent who we interact with and how we interact with them, that itself will be good enough for the people around us t…


Apr 20, 2021

As usual Adil this is so true . The feelings get so over shadow ed by social bindings influencers .

Very well articulated

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