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Death By Comparison!!

Death of contentment is hidden in the girdle of comparison.

Genesis of many problems and ills are hidden in the concept of 'Comparison'. Imagine these terms - richer, stronger, better, wiser, kinder, sharper, friendlier.

Around what flows out and follows from these degrees of comparison are only gory battles and wars that we mortals trigger-off and fight our lives out. Erroneously, we have adopted the script that emerging superior in every fight and battle is the sole purpose of our existence. The under-dog believes he deserves to fight and bring down the champion. The Champion believes that he has to ever defend his title and thus will kill anyone close to snatching the belt from his waist !!! Neither compromises. The unfortunate situation that follows is either an overdrive or a continuous hot undercurrent of battle that can only lead to destruction.

The Corporate battle of comparison is not necessarily fought only in Board Rooms. It is fought out day-on-day (openly or subtly , overtly or covertly) on most tables of different departments in the race to the top.

One realises the futility of mindless search for comparative success only when one steps back and objectively realises that in your desire to comparatively win the battle of ugly events, you actually lost the war of beautiful life.

You actually forgot to live.

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