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Differentiating Performance

Whilst the need to differentiate performance of people in an organisation is very acute and the clinically critical need for the same is acknowledged as well by leaders, however, one still unfortunately experiences great resistance and at times absolute reluctance from leaders to do an objective differentiations in the performance of his team members.

This resistance to differentiate performances, comes from some of the following 10 reasons:

a. Honesty & Integrity Of the

leaders in sharing

performance related


b. Discomfort in

communicating bad news

c. Desire to be not perceived

as being too harsh

d. Disturbing otherwise

friendly working

relationships in departments

f. Absence of performance

based record keeping

g. Playing protective God-father

h. Long years of relationships

i. Non-performers could be

favourites and friends thus


j. Consequential reduction of

rewards and grant of

punishment as a result of

adverse observations.

What is old world wisdom on this subject ... ?

'PANCHTANTRA' was written in 1199 AD. They are a compilation of wise ancient stories of life, segregated into 5 books. Panchtantra is a 'niti- shastra' or a text book of 'niti' being - the wise conduct of life.

Several stories reflect wisdom assimilated from the wise masters being in a way lessons for the Price. In the context of the theme (Differentiating Performance) Panch-tantra says :

"Where just distinction is not drawn,

Between the left & the right

The self-respecting, if they can,

Will quickly take to flight.

If masters no distinction make

Amongst their servants, then

They lose the zealous offices

Of energetic men.

And in a market where it seems

That no distinction hold

Between red-eye and ruby, how

Can precious gems be sold?

There must be bonds of union

In all their dealings, since

No Prince can lack his servants

Nor servants lack a Prince .. "

Surely, these were great lessons for the Prince. But I am sure they continue to be great lessons for modern times Contemporary Corporate leaders.

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