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'Happy Recallable Moments'.

Magic lies in the 'Happy Recallable Moments'. Whenever you are sad, unwell or lonely , depressed about something, what do you indulge in or what really occupies your mind whilst you nurse yourself back to normal life ? HRMs - the 'happy recallable moments' of your life.

Systematically therefore as you live your life, focus on creating a huge credit deposit of 'HRMs' in the Bank of your happy experiences. It will help you to draw from those moments when there is nothing else to do, lonely & sullen, counting beams on the hospital ceilings, when one is down & out.

Small happy credits may also bring as much happiness when drawn from. HRMs do not have to be great, big or monetarily rich to make you recall their happy experiences. Times spent with your siblings, buddies, friends playing games and winning or losing together, the sacrifices made to save someone in trouble, the food you shared with a hungry colleague, the message you receive from your old professor, the help you gave someone in hour of need et cetra. All have deep potential to be your HRMs.

We spend a lot of time at our workplace. We need to keep creating such happy episodes of recallable moments. Infact , higher the level of work place engagement, more the total number of recallable HRMs built around that workplace. Thus higly engaged work environments create not only a spirit of 'positive workplace citizenship' whilst one is employed but extends much beyond to times much after you have stopped actually working with those organisations.

Great Places To Work are not Award dependant...they are amply awarded in the happy recallable moments that are built in the minds of their employees. Surveys with existing employees help. But 'Surveys' on HRMs of employees who are retired, have exited or long left the system are rather critical. They recall and tell the Happy narratives.

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