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Hope, Optimism, Resilience

Hope - Optimism - Resilience the 3 critical elements of Psychological Capital.

Authenticity in its well defined application to leadership as understood now, is not very ancient. But behavioural display of authenticity as a critical contributor to leadership, is probably as old as the very concept of leadership.

Hope - Optimism - Resilience are the 3 critical elements of psychological capital. Leaders who reflect these are perceived as being authentic & thus dependable.

Firstly, leaders who can set & explain goals effectively, create a very hopeful environment thus followers see hope & invest their capabilities & might.

Secondly, when it comes to anticipating future events in tumultious times, optimistic leaders do it better. If you are not authentic, then you are opportunistic. In that case, followers would resist investing their might behind such non- optimist leadership

Thirdly, resilient leaders are better suited to function in changing environments to be able to support their followers. They may fall when the ground is uncertain & uneven. But followers admire a leader who gets up to fights another day.

Beyond carishma, it is authenticity of the leader that makes him dependable & thus more acceptable to lead in tumultious times.

Leadership has to be Authentic

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May 09, 2020

Very apt..


May 09, 2020

So true...👍👌

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