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You want to win ... that is good news. But if that means by trying to compare and be like someone else, I believe that is bad news. You have to win but by being yourself.

There is this man hidden within each one of us. Let's call him 'S'. S constantly is in this race of comparison and ends up either feeling superior (thus happy) or inferior (thus sad) compared to the others who S imagines is in the same race. 

This is the folly and the cause of fall for S for it does this evaluation unmindful of its authentic self-belief. The right winning thought is radical acceptance of reality and thus  'good at being yourself' !

Neither feelings of superiority or inferiority will help. What is needed is 'INTERIORITY'... S has to realise an authentic sense of real inner character. This is the only place where you have no competition. Your own authentic self-assessment of your perspective can't be taken away from you ! 

'Radical Acceptance' says Marsha Linehan is the starting point of success in such situations. S does not have to accept that reality will always remain this way but S should start by acknowledging that it is this way right of now. This may be distressing for S for a while. But by doing so, S is

 not taking a weak stand of escaping the challenge but rather a strong stand of accepting the active reality and that would help us come out.

Tongue in cheek quoted Oscar Wilde : Be Yourself. Everyone else is already claimed !

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