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Knowledge Battles

'Half knowledge' energized by arrogance to fight 'Knowledge' to prove itself right. Knowledge therefore has to be much stronger & resilient Let me tell you a story. Four frogs lay floating on a log on the edge of a river. Suddenly, the log is slowly swept down the stream by current. Having not sailed before, the frogs were enjoying their new experience. The first said it was the magical log that caused the unique experience. The second negated. The log was like any other. It was the river walking to the sea that carried the logs & the four of them. The way the log nor the river. He said the movement was actually in their thinking. Without thought nothing moves. They started heatedly arguing & wrangling. Disagreement bordered fighting. They approached the fourth frog who was listening. He said ..."Each of you is right. None is wrong.The moving is in the log, in the water & in our thinking also." The three frogs now became very angry for none of them was willing to admit that his was not the whole truth & more importantly that the other two were not wholly wrong. Now the Gibranisque twist. The three frogs got together and pushed the fourth frog off the log into the river. Truth and Knowledge succeed in the end. Until then it battles.

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16 de abr. de 2021

If you have checked and checked that what you are about to say is the absolute truth and have un-refutable validated evidence - THEN YOU SAY IT LOUD TO THE WHOLE WORLD AND STAND UP TO CONVINCE THE WORLD.


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