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Knowledge v/s Knowledge

Outdating knowledge has a deep desire to self perpetuate itself even beyond the date of its relevance and thus resist new knowledge from establishing its rightful place soon.

Knowledge begins by creating doubts about existence and then validity of new Knowledge. It attscks its relevance, it beats and labels the pro-pounders of new knowledge as radicals and battles viciously to extend its existence.

Exactly the same way as old leaders battle with young leaders to give-up power !

But the 'Learner' within you is the intervenor. It is the facilitator of this war. It tacitly plays on resistance of leaders and strengthens new Knowledge by making the old man lose relevance and thus fall.

And then ... new knowledge takes over. The new order is thence set. New knowledge wins.

Foster the Learner within you if you always want to emerge a Winner and remember, new knowledge always wins .. in the end !

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Apr 19, 2023

Activation of divine wisdom restores, revives.... helps to review infinity... Prayers and protocols

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