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Mind Is The Winner

Our mind and it's deep programming is what makes the difference.

Some are programmed right at the beginning to believe that others are stronger and that there doesn't stand even a remote chance. They do start the race but run the race too with knowledge that they cannot win. They cannot win.

Some others begin with confidence but when they see others midway running faster, their mind signals that any amount of further efforts on their part cannot make them win the race.

There are others whose mind signals to them ... just go on till the post with full burst. Will check who wins after that.

There are others whose mind tells them ... go on... so what if the other person has gone ahead. Keep running till the post. May be the other will slow down, tire himself or slip.

At the entry level of professional races, most of those who participate, are physically fit and match the bodily requirements to win the race. The mind but makes the difference.

And many a races would have had different results only if some of them who lost despite being on that archetypal, proverbial 'thin line' had not thrown up their hands early and shown more efforts, patience and persistence.

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Umesh Khandelwal
Umesh Khandelwal
15 mar 2022

Superb n Mind-blowing

Me gusta

14 mar 2022

Simple & Realistic

Me gusta

14 mar 2022

Persistence and self confidence are the keys to attainment of

Me gusta
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