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Mindfulness - The Real Sign Of Empathy

Nature too has a manufacturing process. Are you aware how honey is made ?

Using its long straw-like tongue called a 'proboscis', the bees suck up nectar droplets from the flowers. When the nectar reaches the bee’s honey stomach, the stomach breaks down the complex sugars of the nectar into more simple sugars .... the nectar is then passed to younger bees called house bees to pack it in hexagon-shaped beeswax honey cells.

In these beewax honey cells, the nectar is converted into honey by drying it out using a warm breeze made by fluttering their wings.

In the winter, when there is not as much nectar available, the bees open this lid and share the honey they saved.

Intriguing, isn't it ?

More critical for you is to realise that the life of a bee is only 40 days long during which time, it visits 1000 flowers on an average. In its life-time, a bee produces only equivalent of 1 teaspoon of honey .... one tea-spoon only but a life time of work for a dedicated bee.

Worst , we never ever think of that little bee and it's arduous life-time od dedicated work to give us that one golden magical table spoon of honey that we consume over our breakfast table with fruits and milk each morning !

It is only when you think back that you see the contributions and sacrifice qthat thousands of bees make to keep us healthy in their life times ! And we have all been so unmindful all along.

Teachable Point Of View : Real empathy is about becoming mindful and acknowledging all the contributions, big or small, made by everybody to make you what you are, today and celebrating the same. We are unmindful of the many contributions others make for our success when we are on the rise. However, you will realise it someday, if you have not already done, when you grow wiser.p

Somethings, time teaches better.

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Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K

Excellent one

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