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Motifs & Logos of Culture

If you distill the corporate culture hypothesis, you will experience distinct common patterns of Social Behaviours in most of the +ve workplace culture organisations. These common patterns reflect 12 motifs which we prefer to refer as the 'Culture Dozen' practices.

You will see motifs of these 'Culture Dozen' practices embeded in the active working rhythm of their enterprises than merely being articulated in the 'EVP' marketing collaterals of their brands.

The warp and weft of positive workplace cultures generally reflect common preeminent 'Vital 12' motifs & logos as under :

1. Out-reach of Communications : These cultures overcommunicate their desire to listen - by expressions and by genuine actions....with internal and external partners.

2. Fragilities, Fallibilities & Vulnerabilities (FFVs) : They Spotlight their fallibilities & fragilities early & share their Vulnerabilities with maturity. No hide and seek.

3. 'No-Risk' for Harbingers : They Embrace Messangers of bad news. Thus people easily share failures with the top instead of hide them or garb them and wait for apt opportunity to share bad news.

4. Future Focussed Relationships: They build relationships for future. They create value from relationships and thus their business plans always induce discussions on new relationships to develop.

5. Inclusive Gratitudes & Rewards: They express gratitude & reward lavishly. They involve the family & engage even with 3 best friends of the employee whilst rewarding !

6. Right Man in The Army :They invest in very rigorous 'Talent Acquisition Processes'. Identifying & getting the Right person in the system is a priority & measure of success for every leader

7. Graceful Dumping: They Eliminate Bad Apples, fast. They do not nurture love stories and drag a call. But they part gracefully.

8. No 'Milo' for Silo Behaviours They penalize 'Silo' behaviours and encourage provision for Collission free spaces in the system.

9. 'VOE' Highly Valued : They ensure that there are multiple platforms & forums that regulate & facilìtate communication. They want their people to have their Voices.

10. Trash Clearance : They reward people who pick up their trash. Those who identify their own mistakes and gracefully clean it up are valued.

11. Capitalizing Threshold Moments : They Capitalize threshold moments of success and failures. Such corporations celebrate & build up the corporate memory and this facilitates not only recall but also reinforcement of the desired Culture Code. Genuine failures are seen as learning opportunities.

12. Bold Reviews : They take their performance review process very seriously & the feedback is developmental. They do not sandwich tough feedback between slices of soft bread for cover-up.

Fashionable motifs have a short shelf-life. Such practices fade away with passage of very short time. Authentically connecting motifs are valued much more, are sustainable and good Corporate Cultures reflect them.

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