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Is Resilience Important ??? Do you know what it looks like when Managers do not reflect resilient behaviours ??? That is called 'LoR' - Lack of Resilience that prompts a hungry person to adjust his hunger rather than go to the sea in pursuit of that big fish he had in mind.  Let me narrate to you a rather short Gibran story. An ambitious fox one day looked at his shadow at sunrise and said "I think I want to have a Camel for lunch". Super. All morning with energy and vigor that fox went looking for a Camel. Every nook and corner of the region under his scan, the Fox searched till noon.  But no luck he experienced till the lunch time. But at noon, he saw his shadow again and he said, "now, even a mouse will do". The shadow you see is  self assessment of your capacity. Resilience is the ability to withstand adverse conditions which appears to hinder your progress towards the goal and makes you bounce from these difficult life-events back to track, chasing the original goals.  LoR makes you believe your capacity is lesser than your ambition. Resilience makes you believe you are bigger ... you only need to try again !

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