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Self Referenced Imaginary Audience (SRIA)

Each one of us continuously plays to an 'Imaginary Audience'. It comprises of the set of people who we are connected to, like, respect & rever that we are connected to in the universe. Maybe some we don't. We seek evaluation, recognition & our comparative social referencing of our success or failures from this group.

We are convinced that every small and big move that we make is being watched minutely and analyzed with rapt attention by the rest of the world (which here effectively refers only to that Self Referenced Imaginary Audience).

All our fears, anxieties, doubts, pleasures, reassurances and pains arise from our self-imagination of how SRIA evaluates us. We are all vulnerable and susceptible to this fantasy.

We are therefore in a way, all victims of the hypothetical narrations we give ourselves of how SRIA sees us, evaluates our performances & analyzes our behaviours.

Successful people succeed because they curb such frequent flights of fancy to seek SRIA evaluations.

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