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Socially Responsible Advertising

Ethics in advertising is critical. By ethical advertising,a company fulfills trust & expectations of its customers. Cos need to show they adhere to high moral values whilst advertising particularly products used by children - vulnerable & impressionable as target audiences. Advertisements include drugs free Celebrities endorsing such products. Do these coke-heads endorsing corporate brands stand the test of ethical values that responsible society expects of these corporates? Imagine, Ranvir Kapoor endorses Oreo & Lays. Salman endorses Pepsi & Tiger biscuits, Deepika endorses Britannia & Kellogs. Kareena - Colgate,Varun Dhawan ambassador for Skills India & ShahRukh - Byjus the digital educational products for kids. Aren't we creating wrong icons by mixing good looks for social responsibility? We have several enactments that require COs to submit statements of assurance verifying that they do not employ child labour or conduct any live animal tests etc as they go on to pledge reassurance of no future use. A similar 'No-Use' certification by these endorsing celebrities is very necessary confirming that they do not consume any prohibited psychtropic drugs & that they pledge not to do so in the future. What are your views?

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