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Curious are our ways. Sometimes, we are stuck-up at the previous page and unable to move on. Either too confused to move or too shocked by what we read ... or too much in love with what we read and thus unable to move away from it !!!

Sometimes we are anxious and want to race & jump to another page without reading the full page we are on. Sometimes, we are too curious. Want to see what's written on the pages ahead.

What we don't tend to realise is that we are the writers of our Book Of Life. The time spent in learning from our past experiences and writing the correct new script is what later will fill up the rest of the book.

Don't let the characters in your story dictate the script to you. Periodically, tell them to shut up and gracefully tell them what their role is in your story is. If they are too toxic and misbehave, kill them in your script.

We try to read the Book Of Life as if it is a novel written by others or dictated by the characters. We quickly forget that it is 'Your' Book Of Life and you are the author. Better take charge.

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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2023

Just a perception.. Seeker assessss within... That influences out side

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