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The Hidden Trap

Interesting symbolism of this story. Wistfully, each one of us in some way or the other behaves like that little mouse. The momentary comfort and short-term serendipity temporarily blinds us to the long-term trap it leads us into.

The jar is not a cornucopia. Someday the stock of goodies will end and luck will run dry. But by the time one wakes up to the dangers of this self inflicted reality so deep is one entrenched in the trap that efforts to pull out to safety appears to be asinine & preposterous.

What you may believe to be your luck may actually be an unrealised trap. Enjoy the moment but learn to be mindful and see beyond.

If you are of the age that can withstand the challenge of life then do not opt for blinding comfort. Stretch yourself. Remember, 'Success' lives one floor above 'Comfort'.

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