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The Pomegranates

There was once a man who had many Pomegranate trees in his orchard. And for many an autumn he would put his pomegranates on silvery trays outside his dwelling, and upon the trays he would place signs that read : "Take one for any price that you can afford. You are welcome".

Unfortunately, no one took any of these pomegranates.

A wise thought then struck him. The next autumn , he put no pomegranates on the silver trays. But instead put up a sign which read : " Here we grow the best pomegranates in the land. But we sell them for a higher price."

And soon behold, all the men and women of the neighbourhood each day came rushing to his orchard to buy those 'best pomegranates in the land'!

Only when people are made to realise the value which is otherwise not so obvious and explained the strive they need to put in to realise it that they walk a thousand miles to achieve it.

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