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The Seed Seller

This beautiful Sufi Tale, I love to share for a bright Sunday morning with you. Hope you enjoy.

Mesmerized by the enchanting perfumes in the air, a Merchant enters a Sufi's shop. Beautiful & large essence jars were displayed on various shelves.

Marveling at the beauty in the jars, the Merchant asked, “Sir, what do you sell here ?"

The Sufi replied, "The Gifts of God". Surprised at the answer, the merchant asked " .... and pray how much do you sell them for ?"

"Nothing, here all is for free", said the seller.

The Sufi seller ensured that the Merchant had by then suffecient opportunity to see and study the labels on all different jars. They read : 'Jugs of Love', 'Jars of Faith', 'Packages of Hope', 'Boxes of Empathy', 'Tetra-packs Of Empathy' etc.

After a while he spent thinking, the merchant finally said,

“ Give me two big jugs of love, all the packages of hope & three jars of faith for me, my friends & my family".

The Sufi carefully understood and prepared the order & handed the Merchant a small box.

Surprised, the merchant exclaimed, “But, but.... how can everything I have asked for, be in this tiny little box?"

Smiling, the Sufi replied ... “In God's store, we do not sell fruits, only seeds. You have to sow them."

Yesterday, I was addressing a Conclave. Participants asked me to share with them a quick formula to become CEO.

I narrated this tale and told them ... " I can sell you the seeds that could grow into a beautiful garden. But you will have to plant them, water them, nurture them and see them grow for yourself ".

Luck can bring you the right seeds. You have to persevere to grow them. There are no ready-made gardens. Play your role.

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Amit Karandikar
Amit Karandikar
04. Feb.

Loved this Sir. Nice way of conveying very deep message.

Gefällt mir
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