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The Story of Nahusha - 'Sarpa Sarpa'

Unfortunately, it appears by experience &  observation that 'humility' is the hardest thing to hold on to as one climbs the hierarchy of success. And this is not a new narrative. It comes down to mankind through historical narratives.

Look at this narrative of the Gods from Mahabharata. Indra due to his unrighteous ways,  kills Vritra. To avoid anger of the Gods, he escapes and becomes a fugitive. Nahusa who was the good and meritorious King on Earth is promoted now to replace him as the King of the Gods !

Nahusha started in all humility doing good work, guiding and helping everybody. He is assisted by merit and fame earned by him during his earlier stint as the good King on Earth. He did well initially. No way could he fail in the long run if he continued in the same good way.

But slowly it happened as it should happen, in all such  Power stories.  Time and Power made him arrogant. He thus falls on evil days. He becomes arrogant, loses his humility and indulges in vagrant, untamed, lacherous & lawless behaviours. He starts lusting for the beauty of Sachidevi - Indra's wife. 

Willy-nilly Sachidevi agrees to marry him ( in conspiracy with Indra) provided Nahusha brings his marriage Palanquin to her Ashram lifted by 7 Rishis (or is it 6 , now I forget). That was the trick for that would anger the Rishis.

The Rishis were indeed angry. Nahusha was impatient and under spell of his lust screams at the Rishis - "Sarpa - Sarpa !!".

Sarpa has two is fast or quick as in speed. The other is a serpent. One of the angry rishis being goaded arrogantly to go fast (sarpa)  prays and curses Nahusha to become a 'Sarpa' (serpent).

Immediately, Nahusha falls headlong down from Heaven into an earthly jungle and becomes a Python (sarpa). He had to thereafter wait thousands of years for his subsequent deliverance whilst Indra is restored as the King of the Gods.

Lesson is simple : victory awaits the patient and success is sustained by people who can fight back arrogance when they are bestowed with power. Prosperity anchored arrogance surely meets destruction.

The rule is no different even in the Corporate world

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