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'What If' ..... Fears

Fear is that unpleasant feeling in the mind of a person which is triggered by the perception of danger (real or imagined) due to the happening of an event. Fear is only a perception, in a way, your reaction.

'Perception' of negative impact is the key. Acute need therefore is to train your mind to be healthy for that is the soil on which you perceptions are grown. Healthy soil grows healthy fruits. Once you feel feverish or suffer cold , one pops a Paracetamol. Likewise, the moment you experience the first perception or sensation of fear, it is time you indulge in a deeper analysis of the situation and auto suggest your mind to alter its perception.

*1 : My Boss did not smile back when I greeted him this morning. He must be angry and mad at me at the Report that I gave him last evening. Now my annual appraisal is gone. That's a natural fear perception of an unhealthy mind. It values a Boss' smile as an indicator of his approval and therefore fears his non-reciprocation as a rejection. An unhealthy mind extenuates the impact of that fear. The fact may actually be that the Boss may just have been pre-occupied in his mind and thus did not take cognizance of your greetings. But an unhealthy mind, connects the wrong dots and allows it to believe a negative chain of triggered perceptions.

*2 : Ramesh was a super performer. However, he has been passing sleepless nights. The Co was downsizing. 'What if' the Co transferred him (without allowing him any options) to work in one particular department where the boss was a high-grade tyrant and with whom Ramesh in the past had a run-in ?? !!

'What if' is an imagination that creates a negative spiral of perceptions in an unhealthy mind when it worries about protecting things that it values. Ramesh values his career. The organisational context of downsizing triggers imagination of his unhealthy mind to perceive that despite being a superperformer, he would be transferred to the toxic department of that tyrant Manager and thus his career (that he values most) would now be in peril.

Whilst such could be a reality in a corporate set-up, an unhealthy mind imagines an adverse danger and triggers anxiety & fear.

Fear needs to be stomped. Imaginary or real. A man's acts are slavish, his very thoughts are false, he thinks too as a slave and coward, till he has got fear that worries him, under his feet. Till he squashes that fear, he cannot act at all, says Carlyle.

Stomp such fears out from your unhealthy mind for therein lies the hidden secret path of your success.

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Its good to be alert and aware on your environment to safeguard yourself. However procrastinating too much though will only give you sleepless nights

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