• Adil Malia

Authentic Engagement is Weather tested !!!

Whoever wants to go to Grey Co even on a sunny day and work for Mr.Bull -the bull-dog of a Manager? More so when you have a strong excuse ... the bus just didn't come, isn't it ?

Authentic Engagement is time tested & gets reflected in the way people connect with concern &care in stressful moments. It is reflected in the genuine reciprocity by the leader.

The positive dimensions of 'engaged' relationships at CEO John's Co. Is evident. It is based on the 3 Rs...Robustness - Reliability - Reciprocity. Come what may - deluge,thunder or storm, people will come & standby. John as the CEO knows that and in reciprocation he ensures Support-Safety-Security for his team. It is now his responsibility.

Mutually all, the team - the leader- and the organisation' all benefit by authentic engagement that prevails.

Next time it rains a bit or trains stop and your people don't come to work, look at the engagement quotient for analysis. Infrastructure is only superficial.

Are you like Bull's Grey Co or are you like John's Co...?


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