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Service or Servitude

In our hidden desire to taste succeess at any cost, we become too anxious to please..bend much beyond what we would have otherwised liked to and yet, surprisingly, we did ! To differentiate between behaviours of service & behaviours of servitude, one needs a mirror. Behaviours of positive service are desirable & they take you a long way. Behaviours of servitude unfortunately, take you nowhere.

Momentarily, they may please the narcissist Manager who enjoys sychopancy in a dominant culture. But no further. Service or Servitude are not the 'Freeze or Please' alternatives as misunderstood. A thin line of 'mature discretion' differentiates the two - 'service' from tripping into 'servitude'. Never losing the sense of 'who you really are' is the pivotal point. In the process of anxiety to please, one tends to lose ones social bearings. This may be driven by ones continued desire for membership in a particular group that sanctifies such compliant behaviors.

This norm to 'bend down and confirm' over time also tends to make oneself blind to ones rejections by others from other meaningful social groups for ones continued indulgence in such behaviour. Snap-out and fall back in line before it is too late.

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