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Change the flow of Corporate Information from Esoteric to Exoteric

A Critical Transformation Agenda - Change the flow of Corporate Information from Esoteric to Exoteric


Flow of Critical information in the enterprise is critical to its success. Generally, as OD professionals, we see 3 reasons for Information Clogging :

1. Design Deficiencies :

Natural design tends to unintentionally block free & easy flow of info at different points

2 Inadequacies in Leadership Competency :

Here the leader's style discourages unnecessary sharing of information and he consciously hoards information to consolidate his position.

3. Culture of secrecy, confidentiality & 'Masonry' exclusivity.

The first will need upon its diagnosis, planned org structural changes & incubating systems' interventions. In the second, if certain individual Leaders are identified as information blockers, interventions thru performance process and learning interventions may help. If blocks persist, leadership grafting may help. But it is most difficult to bring transformation where there exists an organisational culture that consciously encourages information hoarding and the informational drip-flow is allowed only on specific 'need for use' basis. The esoteric flow of information is generally the cause of its challenge. These are the most difficult to influence on the transformation agenda.

Organisational Leadership in such COs tends to overdo the - 'Confidentiality' piece. Every bit of information is classified as 'Confidential' thus info is blocked from being exchanged . Information is not freely shared even with those who are the highly impacted by it and would be responsible for executing elements of it. The ghost of confusion & chaos prevails here. No two sub-systems talk to each other. Matter of time. Collapse is imminent.

The flow of organisational information should ideally be Exoteric....simple, free flowing, clear and easy to understand not Esoteric - limited to exquisite groups by select choice only.

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