• Adil Malia

In Power Forever

Being in Power is relative. It has relevance in a given context, to a particular situation and in a pre-defined time frame. No one can imagine to be in Power for all times and in all situations. Unfortunately, Power intoxicated and leadership appears to get blinded to this reality.

Even if dubiously an attempt is made by leadership to place on board some plastic successors who are actually sycophants and thus continue remaining in power by proxy, does not work in the long run. Did we not see this exactly happening in certain Corporates in the recent past ?.. and in certain Banks where puppet Boards were constructed to support actions of the Management ??

For a leader to assume that he would always be in control is like assuming that ice will never melt. The Power of time and context provides the heat that melts the coldness of such vanity.

Manthara - the vicious maid of Queen Kaikeyi in Ramayana, fires her vanity of against Rama by saying that she would now and forever lose her prime position and importance if Rama was coronated the King. But if instead Bharata was coronated as the King, her power, stature & position would remain intact, by proxy as she would formally be the Queen Mother !


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