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29th NIPM Naval Tata Memorial Lecture.

'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' the first set of Never Normal' themes. First published in 1865, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland was an immediate success and has remained one of the best-known English children's books. ... I treat it as one of the best Management books.

 Alice's world is a bizarre, disparate and a peculiar place and so are the various places and palaces that Alice accidentally finds herself in. The closures to these stories are

beautiful and interesting as little Alice successfully manueveres and finds her way out of each of these Never Normal situations.

See the doodle. In her story  'The Looking Glass' , Alice find herself again in a 'Never Normal' reality of the strange land. Pavements moving fast and the centre road which she walks upon, static. Everything that was behind her on the pavements, overtakes her and moves ahead. 

That is when the Queen of the land utters her prophetic words to Alice - "strange sort of a land this is, dear. Here, to reach your destination, you have to walk very fast. And to win the race, you have to run at double that pace".

Disconnect from Alice here argues Shekhar Bhandari - President of Kotak Mahindra Bank .... don't we find ourself now in a similar strange sort of a place??? Pavements moving fast..centre roads static and survival becomes a question ?Everything that was unknown & behind us, is now overtaking us and moving ahead...

Future thru this looking glass appears bizarre as well. 'Nothing Normal' about it. You got to listen to Shekar Bhandari share his thoughts on this theme.

Listen to - Shekhar Bhandari, President Kotak Mahindra

Date : September 3

Time : 5 p,

On : Zoom

Addressing the 29th NIPM Naval Tata Memorial Lecture. 

Be There.

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