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In urdu it means uncertainty. The kind of times which we are experiencing now...not knowing the way forward...relying on logic, imagination, rumors, observations and learned guesses on the one hand and yet nursing a doubt that the things we imagine may actually unfurl itself differently and may turn out to be much different than what we imagined, on the other hand !

" Aggah apni maut se

Koee basr nahee ...

Saamaan sau baras ka hai,


Pal ki khabr nahee " 

(we plan for life a hundred years ahead and yet are unable to know of uncertain existence that lie even a few moments ahead).

Wonder how you should handle such uncertain times ??? These are the 7 ways, I would recommend...

a. Do not let the unfamiliar pattern worry or scare you. Infact, embrace uncertainty. Accept the fact and do not look out or keep searching for the old famikiar patterns. Don't break your head hitting it hard against a wall.

b. You can't see deep ahead in uncertain times. To the extent that you can forsee from the stand-point you are at, make short-term goals and plans based on what you can see. It would be a major folly to attempt  making long term plans for times that need 'myopic' Short term planning.

c. Gather as much data and information that you can of what is happening to your products, your stake-holders and actions being contemplated by all competitors in the common space.

d. Add risk options to your conservative future agendas, goals and targets which may fall- short of the desired targets.

e. Focus on plans and programs that help you get stability amidst turbulence.

f. Be agile & ready to modify the short-term plans made by you as the uncertain situation keeps changing as it keeps emerging in real times.

g. Be mindful of new learnings thru new tools, emerging techniques, knowledge,  patterns & Innovations. There is always valuable transferable learning in every crisis. Let your mind be open to learning  and disposition, ready  to apply the same at top-speed.

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Bhavaysh Karria
Bhavaysh Karria
10 de jan. de 2022

Very relevant and profound...

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