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Big Thinking

If I ask you to fill the blanks - 1 .... 9 ... 18 ... ... 27 .... ___ ... ___ . All of us would answer 36 and 45. That is logically right. Your Math teacher who insisted that you as a child rote your 'tables' would be proud ! But think about it. Think about the unintended consequence of this patterning It is also a malaise that limits your mind to grow by logical mathematical sequencing more than by setting & stretching its limits to its full capacity and potential.

You have to be fast and agile, yes but you have also got to be big .... in your thinking, ofcourse !

By design and instinct, growth is a natural pattern for human beings. However, the unfortunate malaise of the logical mind is that it takes the easy stretch and sets a patterned limit at best which is reasonable, safe, peer comparable and importantly within its zone of comfort.

'Big Thinking' is about breaking that limiting mould of your mind. It is about prompting your mind to 'Quantum Re-set' itself to take a jump much higher than what it otherwise naturally would .... take a quantum stretch of progress, the leap of fate and upon reaching the destination not say 'enough' . Rather ask what's next ?

What are the few basic steps that you would need to undertake to 'Think Big' .... ?

I would say :

1. Think Big ... difficult as averaged growth is how the wires in our brain are connected, generally. Fight the temptation to jump only a few meters higher than what you jumped the last time. Could it be a quantum leap - say 19.5 meters higher than the last jump instead of the logical stretch of 2 meters higher ?

2. Do not let limitations and your old beliefs block your belief to jump higher. Trust your capability to make those miraculous jumps that have never been made before. Believe you are destined to achieve your full potential and go much higher !

3. Don't let the environment tug you in. 'Best Practise' is the minimum standard you should set - not the full potential limit you should focus on. Generally, the environment fosters 'small thinking' and tends to hold back those who think beyond by ridiculing them if they fail in the early 'Big Thinking' efforts. Be the Chief . Don't get swayed by 'Indians' pretending to be Chiefs who try to influence setting-up averaged limits for you.

4. Break the 'resigning mind-set' that sings 'Que Sara Sara'... and prompts you to not go higher. Be prompted by Shakira sing - 'I Would Try Everything' - You must listen to it. I just listen to it every morning without fail.

5. Pattern says there should be '5 Steps' to everything. But my suggestion is to go with only 4 if you don't need the fifth. But work on building your 'Big Capacity' to back your 'Big Thinking' if you insist there should be 5 points !

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