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Build your self confidence ...

Coaching often brings you face to face with so many confused souls in the Corporate world who seem so confused and are seeking directions, regardless of their levels, hierarchies & roles.

All of them so disillusioned,  not knowing what they are doing, nor knowing why they are doing, neither knowing where they are going even after years of deep entrenchment into their careers.

 But this is the reality and they have to make their choice. Nothing is going to be smooth sailing for the mountains are Rocky and tall. The only thing that would help is building their self confidence  and readying to face the rough & tumble of realities with never ending resilience. 

Nida Fazli the great Urdu poet conveys this sentiment beautifully in his unique way touching the emotional chords of reality  ... 

Safr mein dhup to hogee

Tumm chal sako to chalo, 

Sabhee hai bheed mein

tumm bhi nikal sako to chalo.

Idhr udhr kaee manzil hai

Chal sako to chalo,

baney bannaye hai sanche

jo dhal sako to chalo.

Kissi ke vaste 

raahein kaha badalti hai,

tumm apney app ko 

khuddhee badal sako to chalo.

Yahan kissiko koee raasta

nahee deta,

mujhe girrake agar tum

shambhal sako, to chalo.

Har ek safar ko hai

mahfuss raston ki talash,

hifazaaton ki rivayat 

badal sako to chalo.

Kahee nahee hai suraj

dhuva dhuva sa hai fizaa,

khudd apney aap se bahr

nikal sakey to chalo.

Safr mein dhup to hogee

Tumm chal sako to chalo

                            (Nida Fazli)

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