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Caution On The Cross-roads

It is necessary to observe caution before you act, particularly when you are at the cross-roads. No sense in acting without caution in a hurry and then regretting the call at leisure.

Often I get to hear stories from professionals who in a tearing hurry join a new company - for a few dollars more, to soon thereafter within a couple of months get disillusioned with the style, culture, nature & character of the new Co.... and as a consequence , hurriedly wanted to beat the retreat and quit again. Never too late to change but it comes with a price.

If you wish not to see a clown on the stage, the best is to stop buying the tickets to the circus, in the first place ! You choose the show you wish to see wisely.

One has to create Value from available choices. But for that to happen, you have to be prudent.

Five steps to make the right choice :

a. Analyze all available options

first & then trust your


b. Identify your circle of trust

and influence - bounce off

choices and listen to their


c. Take your time to frame your


d. Ask right questions and

seek your answers from

people who experienced that

favoured choice before you

e. Develop and Use metrics to

help you objectively evaluate

and arrive at the right


Thereafter , success depends on 'excellence in execution' of that choice. But if you have made the right choice in line with your inner voice in the first place, it's execution will come with due support from the real you. Excellence is then a natural outcome of the total alignment between choice and its execution.

Nature is then bound to conspire in your support to make you Win!


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1 Comment

DinShaw Sahukar
DinShaw Sahukar
Apr 04, 2022

Dear Adil., Very

True As a Professional, Standing Alone As a Individual (eg. Yr Point a. Analyze all available options first & then trust your instincts). Than Joining With The Clowns With Self Motivation

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