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The cavity between 'efficient' leadership & 'effective' leadership is filled by Charisma - the 'X' factor of personality very critical for leadership success

Not every efficient leader can muster a multiplier effect to support his efforts from his followers. True so particularly when the challenges at hand are not as much logical as emotional. That is when the leader's charisma provides him a super cutting-edge.

Charisma is the magnetic & charming personality that makes an efficient leader inspire his followers thru the sheer power of his/her personal traits, qualities, speech, style and charm where vision, mission, reason, logic, process or rewards otherwise fail to get the desired actions.

Needless to say that exclusive reliance on charisma without being backed by efficiency has a short shelf-life. Job interviewers are thus trained to go beyond the 'halo effect' of a charismatic candidate. However, ignoring presence of the charisma leads to selecting leaders who cannot inspire followers to walk thru the fire-walls & uncertain times need sharper charismatic edges to tide over novel challenges.

Whilst some traits of charisma are innate, coaching certainly sharpens the edge of an efficient leader to make him effective. Charisma can be systematically developed.

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