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Create a wholesome blend

People have the tendency to  worship people and value things only after they are no longer there. Whilst they are there, we get so preoccupied by the idea of enjoying and valuing other things to the point that we actually start to ignore these very important people and valuable things in life until we lose them totally and regretfully, can no longer have them.

Organisations also make such  blunders. When a new employee joins, they get so enamoured by the newness of the person and the new thoughts they bring on table that they totally forget the people who genuinely have worked for a long time and contributed all along to the COs success.

However, this should not be misunderstood to mean that the new people and new thoughts should be ignored or the old deadwood within the system should not be routinely cleaned-up.

It should however be read to mean that alongside the new, the old who have meaningfully stayed on and contributed and who have adjusted well in the new context and who continue to be contributors should suddenly and totally not be ignored & forgotten. 

A healthy diverse & inclusive blend  has to be planned to create collectively, a  winning strategy.

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