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Crying Babies - Distraught Associates

Children of regimented, abusive and closed-minded parentage often grow up to learn and believe that a child was disobedient, willful or bad for wanting to continue crying. Expectation was that children should stop crying immediately on Command or they were disobedient, defiant and stubborn. Sadly.

Same was found to be true when such abused children grew up to be bosses and had to handle Associates who kept getting easily upset, quickly stressed and distraught. Managers of abused parentage often were found to be apathetic, missed offering empathy and often were labelled as being toxic bosses. They tended to mirror their historical personal experiences.

In several day-care centre experiments it was traced that children of abusive parentage believed that crying was bad and disobedient behaviour. Thus when such children saw other children in the day-care centre in distress and crying, they often rushed to them and tried to shut them up. Often they became angry when crying continued. They displayed anger and some Kids even tried to assault the crying babies in distress. They were influenced by the script that crying babies who continued to cry despite commanded to stop, were disobedient and needed to be punished!

In contrast, non-abused children showed sympathy towards children in such distress and rushed to help out when found crying. And such made for the bulk of great leaders who were admired for their empathy.

It is not true that children of growth-minded parentage indulged in coodling their children. They set very high standards but they were partners with their children to teach them how to reach them.

The next time you therefore come across such a situation, you must stand up and ask : I will judge and punish you OR I will help you think and learn ! Surely if you come from a happy parentage - your natural script as a leader is bound to be : I will help you think & Learn. If otherwise, your script will naturally be influenced by 'I will judge and punish you' .

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