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Weakness of the intelligent people lies disguised in their unending desire to constantly search for commendations and laudations !! They over time,

become panegyric .... accustomed to complements and dependant on praises.

Inability to take even a mild critic - leave aside a diatribe is the tipping point of their self-esteem.

Infact, their self esteem balance is so precariously managed that even a slight criticism and the see-saw is toppled. They either go into bouts of depression or get into loud lamentations and forceful liturgy in their defence which takes the shape first in personal criticism of the critic (who in thier minds they see as a challenger). Then the never-ending prosecution commences. Where goeth their intelligence, God knows !

Have you personally experienced this anytime ???

The wise thus say that real intelligence is not about knowing everything. It is about the ability to challenge everything you know.

Diatribe tests you and makes you stronger. Diatribe tests your intelligence. Thus welcome diatribe. Don't kill the critic

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