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Displaced Anger

Displaced Anger

Focus fully to achieve the things that you set your mind on. Colossal blunder would be to keep shifting targets. You lose invested resources along with precious time to re-establish, if you do so. Spreading resources & energies too thin only creates an illusion of success. It never wins.

Having just learnt hunting, a young Prince goes to the jungle with his guards. The guards we're supposed to scare the animals out from their hiding so that the Prince could practice shooting. That's what they did.

First the Prince saw a rabbit.He aimed. But before he could shoot his arrow, he sights a beautiful deer & aims... just then a furry coated fox takes his attention. He aims at the fox & was ready to shoot when a beautiful eagle challenged his attention.

He tried aiming but the eagle was too fast. Flew away. Disappointed, the Prince looked around for the wolf who had by then moved away. The deer too had run into the jungle & the rabbit had escaped into it's burrow.

Later, when the guards regrouped with the Prince, he was angry. He yelled at them. They had done such a poor job. How could one succeed with incompetent help, he screamed in disgust.

Isn't this a familiar story ? Indecisiveness followed by displaced anger to self-insulate frustrations & failures ???

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