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Early Resolutions

Conflicting Events are small. They are easily forgotten with time. Unfortunately, when ignored, emotions take over these events thereafter. They start trickling in like a little stream but grow subsequently to become an ocean.

People clutch on rather hard to these emotions and forget the event that may have actually triggered the flow of this wide ocean of emotions, now.

It is always so simple to jump through a small stream and reach the other side.

Likewise with issues and arguments that get triggered off in our routine transactions. When the argument, event or affront that originated the sentiments has long fallen into oblivion, there’s no way left later to cross the ocean of emotions that it has flown into to reach out to the person on the other side of the ocean, thousands of miles away.

So says Seneca (Moral Letters). Rivers are easiest to cross at the source. The raging waters and deadly currents of bad habits, ill discipline and chaos often begin no more than a slight trickle. Unfortunately, we allow the trickle to grow into a full ocean and then dangerously drown ourselves trying to cross it.

Such is the Genesis of small issues in Corporates as well. When not resolved wisely in time, these issues have the potential to grow into a conflict, later into a spat and subsequently grow into a rather large public dispute which would become irresolvable.

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