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Flow - the Leadership Midas Touch

Often I am asked... 'We pay market compeitive compensation. Is that not enough to induce performance ? Why further spend our valuable time & resources to create People Engagement ?'

My answer is simple - to get your people to be in a fervent state of 'flow'...

Let me explain. Flow is a state of the mind of the performer that drives action. Flow is the most exciting and fervent experience people can get whilst they are working or doing what they do. In this state like magic, people feel fully engaged in their performance,lose all their perception of time, are able to fully concentrate on the task at their hand without any distractions, feel enjoyably challenged and at the end of it get a deep sense of being connected to the larger purpose.

When people experience being in a state of Flow, their performance achieves a certain consistency and a state of intense happiness, elation, exaltation and joy. Would just paying market compensation get someone to be in such a state of Flow?

The alchemy of success is in getting your people  to reach their peak state of Flow thru Engagement. Money can't get you there.

That is the new Leadership 'Midas Touch' is a state where the leader is able to convert all that he does into a state of fervent Flow

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Is market compensation payment not a hygiene factor . Necessary but not enough. Leaders Midas touch or capability to get employee into state of Flow will be required on top of market compensation payment.

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