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Great Leaders are Influential.

It is an unique ability learnt by certain people thru which they are able to make other people

' think ,act & behave ' in a goal driven desirable way differently, compared to the way they would otherwise behave when left by themselves.

So why are some leaders able to influence much better than the others ??? These are the 7 qualities which when reflected by a leader makes him more 'influential' in the team...

Remember the magical factors that make up the accronym 'Accredit' and you will understand why some people on possession and display of these skills are able to Influence much more than the others.

1. Authenticity as experienced over time

2. Competency for the task at hand

3. Credibility as a person

4. Relatability of experiences and exposure to the challenge at hand

5. Empathy harmonising upon impact on others

6. Dependability in crisis

7. Inspirational to achieve quantum leap higher

8. Tenacity to rise again

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