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Joy And Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow were two friends. One day they met besides a lake and sat down to talk besides the quiet waters. Joy spoke of all the lovely things, beautiful songs & wonderful experiences of life... Sorrow spoke too and agreed with all that Joy said. Sorrow spoke eloquently of all the time spent during the Summer in the hills. Just as they were talking, two hunters passed by the other side of the lake. One of them looked at both - Joy & Sorrow and asked his other hunter friend ... wonder who these two guys are ?  The other looked quizzically and asked : two ? But I see only one. And the reflection in the lake is only one.  The first argued ... No there are two and the reflection in the water is of two people. And they continued to argue based on what they believed they or two ? And unto this day says Gibran, one hunter says that the other sees double. Whilst the other says - " My friend is somewhat blind." Gibran born Jan 6, 1883, Lebanon. Died - April 10, 1931. Even after 91 years until date, the dilemma of the two friends continues.

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