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Just do it ...

Do we really need to wait for that special invitation from someone to get into action and then occassionally also rue about the fact that the invitation that we were eagerly waiting for to prove our worth, never really came ????

We are all trained & triggered to infuse energy and push in our adrenalins for action only after the classical 'gong' rings. Before that we are not expected to act. The race too does not start till the marker fires a shot from his pistol or screams out aloud the classical action mantra - 'On your Marks, Get Set, GO !'.

Everything triggers only after that.

But that is something we need to quickly learn to leave behind & drain from our psyche. Real life has no gongs going nor pistols being fired for you to get into action.

If you believe you are good ... or know how to handle the problem ... or have access to special resources ... or know of ways to handle the challenge, do not wait for any invitations. Be the first to summon the rest to the path of honour and leadership.

Just do it.

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